How to select ceramic brake pads

How to select ceramic brake pads

How to select ceramic brake pads

How to select ceramic brake pads with high-quality

With the development of the automobile industry, the material of brake pads has also developed greatly with the change of auto weight and speed. The brake pad experienced the process of wood – asbestos – semi-metal – ceramic materials.As is known to all, ceramics cannot be accepted by the market for a long time because of its expensive price. As produce technology become more and more mature, the price of ceramic brake pads has been decreasing. Nowadays, ceramic brake pads have been widely used in our life.


The quality of the ceramic brake pads on the market is uneven,and today we will talk about how to select ceramic brake pads with high-quality.

  1. Smooth surface

Ceramic brake pads are made of ceramic fiber, non-ferrous filler material, adhesives, and less metal particles than traditional processes. The color looks like the surface of the cobblestone, and its color is not dazzling.

  1. Feel with your hands

The friction on the surface of the brake pad will not leave any black or other colors on the hand, of course except the dust. The semi-metal brake pads will leave the metal black ink on the hand when tested in this way.

  1. Stable friction coefficient.

The friction coefficient is the most important performance index of any friction material to test its braking ability. Even at high temperature, the friction coefficient of the ceramic brake is still around 0.45 to 0.55, which can guarantee good braking performance.

  1. Brake without dust and noise.

Because the unique production process of ceramic brake, the noise problem during braking has been completely solved, and it will not produce black powder on the brake pads rather than ordinary kinds. In addition, it has long service life.


The raipatement brand of NASI ceramic brake has come into the market, and it is said that this kind of ceramic brake is so quiet that customers can even hear the sound of breathing when braking.


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