How to drive safely in winter?

How to drive safely in winter?

How to drive safely in winter?

How to drive safely in winter?


Winter is a beautiful season, especially after the snow. The whole world is clad in slivery white and so beautiful that we have to plaint the uncanny workmanship of nature.


But for drivers who drive often, winter is simply a nightmare. Because winter is extremely cold and the temperature is very low, when the snow melts, it becomes ice immediately. Driving on the ice is an extremely bad experience.


Next, we will introduce you some wonderful tips of driving in snow weather, so you would no longer worry about it.


  1. Before driving on the road, look around the car and check every part particularly the brake, such as brake pads, brake discs to test whether the car can work properly.


  1. Slow down and keep your vision clear. Steer steering wheel and pay attention to traffic, do not accelerate fiercely. Keep the speed between 30-40 mph.


  1. Maintain the appropriate distance with the car and pedestrians. And if the conditions permit, keep the distance as wide as possible. Focus on the car in front and pedestrian. Make prognosis and keep the normal slow driving.
  2. Make sure that there are not snow or thin ice under your shoes when driving. Put on flat shoes with appropriate size.

PS: beautiful ladies, please take off your high heels or boots to ensure traffic safety.


5.Do not rely on ABS, EBD and other high-tech brake systems; they can only play a role in supporting the brake.


  1. Braking the car to its limit when diving in snow weather is very unwise, the car would float out. Keep in mind that touch the brake lightly and let the car stop slowly.


Throughout the winter, you need to check your brakes for wear and tear and make replacement on time, to ensure the safety when driving in the snow weather. Ensure a safe journey for you and your most important passengers.



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