Tips: Maintenance of brake system

Tips: Maintenance of brake system

Tips: Maintenance of brake system

With the rapid development of economic, private cars is in mounting numbers. People tend to drive their own cars rather than public transport, such as go out to buy food and travel by car whenever they want. People can go everywhere according to their own mood, reach the destination quickly and safely. In order to ensure that we can reach every place we want to go safely, car maintenance cannot be ignored.


Car maintenance is to maintain and restore the technical performance of the car to ensure that the car has good usability and reliability, which include car repairs and refurbishments.


Car maintenance is a very important task, but there is a lack of focus on braking systems which are really significant to our safety. Lots of people even do not have the consciousness of the maintenance of the brake system; at most it is to change a set of brake pads each once in a while, because we do not know the maintenance methods, maintenance cycles, visual inspection and the amount spent on maintaining a car Therefore, the senior auto repair staff summed up a specific maintenance cycle when maintaining a brake system, for your reference.


  1. Change the brake fluid regularly. Its role is to heat dissipation, corrosion and rust prevention, lubrication and transfer of energy. All the oil needed by car has a shelf life and they need to be replaced on a regular basis. In general, brake fluid should be replaced when travel 40,000 kilometers or once every two years.


  1. Timely replacement of brake pads / brake disc. Brake pads, brake discs are worn parts. They need to be replaced when worn to a certain extent,. In general, the replacement cycle of the front brake disc of a vehicle is about 3-5 million km and the rear brake disc replacement cycle is about 6-8 km in length. For safety reasons, it is recommended that you check the balance of the brake pads regularly after 20,000 km.


  1. Complete set of replacement, whether brake pads or brake discs. Replacement alone will exacerbate the rapid wear and tear between them, and will lead to vehicle jitter when braking, affect traffic safety.


Pay close attention to the operation of the brake system in every routine maintenance and take appropriate preventive measures, which is most responsible attitude for the safety of  everyone.



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