How often to change brake pads

How often to change brake pads

How often to change brake pads

When we bought a new car, we knew very little about it. As long as there is a little problem, we will go directly to the authorized dealer and wait for the repairmen. More often we go, more we will learn about our car, and we will have some unique experience in repairing cars, such as how often to replace brake pads. auto brake pads, the safety accessories, play a very important role in the brake system. Auto brake pads can even be said to be the patron saint of men and cars.


When to change brake pads?The replacement of the brake pad depends on how long your brake pads have been used on your car. In general, if you travel more than 80, 000 kilometers, the auto brake pads need to be replaced. Under normal driving conditions, brake pads need to be checked per 5000 km, not only to check the rest of the thickness, also check the status of a shoe wear, whether the degree of wear and tear on both sides, whether return freely, such as abnormal findings should be dealt with immediately.


Let’s talk about when we need to change the brake pads.


1.Mileage, we only need to consider replacement after driving vehicles with 3 to 60000 km, front brake pads can generally use 40000 kilometers, and the useful life of brake pads back is 80000 kilometers. The front brake pad is usually heavier than the rear brake pad, so we should check the front brake first. When to change brake pads should depend on the situation of people, kinds of car, and road condition.

2.The dashboard, every car dashboard has brake lights, warning lights up when the brake pads cannot be used, so we have to check the brake pads in advance. Early replacement need to be taken rather than warning of lights.

3.Some car did not have warning lights, but has a metallic dark needle in the brake pads, worn to a certain degree, the needle will be in contact with the brake disc, screeched when braking sound. It shows that brake pads should be replaced When you hear the sound.

4.Brake response, it will be very familiar with your car’s performance and state after driving in the long run, when you feel the brake distance is longer, the brake is not sensitive, be sure to go to regular authorized dealer check, because the brake is related to driving safety, must pay attention to this situation.


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