The development of China auto parts

The development of China auto parts

The development of China auto parts

High-speed rail, mobile payment, sharing of bicycles and online shopping have been named as China’s new “four great inventions” by “foreigners”. China’s domestic mobile phones, drones and auto parts are all super star on the world stage… China has become increasingly connected with the world, making the world fall in love with Chinese factory and making it a reality.For example, brake pads factory.


China is already the world’s first exporter and the world’s second-biggest importer, especially in the 21st century since the accession to the WTO, further optimizing foreign trade environment, China’s status as a “world factory” has been further strengthen, foreign trade has risen significantly for years. At present, China’s exports mainly cheap, labor-intensive products, with the development of economy, foreign demand for Chinese goods pay more attention to the quality of the products, the Chinese export commodities from quantitative change to the latter.


China auto parts industry consistent with China’s foreign trade market, closely follow the pace of China’s foreign trade, dedicated to the production of inexpensive car accessories, with the rigorous attitude and excellent production craft to impress customers. Today, “let the world fell in love with made in China” this sentence is becoming a reality.


In recent years, the sales channels of auto parts have been expanded, and they have been engaged in e-commerce, B2B alibaba, China manufacturing network, global resources network, etc. A set of brake pads produced from the Chinese brake pads factory, and the customers in every corner of the world, are not dreams.


Some people have always been suspicious of e-commerce, believing that they can’t pay their brake parts suppliers on the other side of the ocean just by relying on one cable. Even if you don’t trust your brake parts suppliers, you have to believe JACK MA. Alibaba’s letter guarantee order can protect your interests. It is really a large list, or you can choose an irrevocable letter of credit. In addition, overseas customers can come to China for inspection, or choose third party audit.


NASI Main brake parts products are: brake pad, brake shoe, overseas buyers are welcome to choose and buy!

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