What do you know about brake pads?

What do you know about brake pads?

What do you know about brake pads?

Brake pads are important brake accessories for cars, which have many expressions,in Chinese says: 刹车片,in French: Plaquette DE frein,in Russian:тормоза.


It usually made of backplate, adhesive insulation layer and friction block. The backplate should be coated to prevent rust, the insulation layer is composed of non-heat transfer material, the friction block is composed of friction material and adhesive. The brake is pressed on the brake disc or the brake drum to produce friction, thus achieving the purpose of braking the vehicle. Because of the friction, the friction block will gradually wear out, generally speaking, the lower the cost of the brake pad wear faster.


In the braking system of the car, the brake is the most critical safety part, and the choice of the best brake pads can improve the braking effect of the car. We can also say that brake pads are the protection of driver and cars.


when to change brake pads?It depends on how long your brake pads have been in your car life.

Generally, the brake pads need to be replaced if you are traveling more than 80, 000 kilometers.There may be slight differences between different cars. Some of the vehicles have brake pads alarm function,once it reach the wear limit,the instrument of the car will make a noise to warn the driver. when brake pads that reach the limit of use must be replaced. Otherwise it will affect the safety of driving. Under normal driving conditions, every 5, 000 kilometers of the vehicle should be inspected once.Abnormal conditions must be dealt with immediately.


Here’s a simple way to check by yourself: You can use a flashlight for observation. When the black friction material of the brake pads is found to be wear out, the thickness is less than 5mm, it should be considered for replacement.


After the brake pads are replaced, the best braking effect can be achieved by grinding up to 200km. The newly changed pads should be driven carefully.


As a qualified driver, there should be a good grasp of the car’s condition during the driving process, especially the braking system of the car. If the car brakes become soft, you must check the brake pads and other auto parts immediately to make sure you and the passengers are safe,Have a safe journey.





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