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Formula &Technology

Formula &Technology

What are the advanced technology and formula technology needed by a good car brake? Today, Nasi brake pads manufacturer share the relationship between formula and technology in the production of car brake pads.

Car brake pads as the most important brake parts in the car, and its manufacturing process has strict standards and procedures. For a long time, people have done a lot of practice to improve the friction material performance, improve the processing method and prolong the service life. As a result, a reasonable design and process must be used to achieve the goal. After determining the ingredients and proportion of the formulation, the processing technology needs to be selected. There are variety formula designs of process, brake pads manufacturers need to select the most appropriate a process method, first, mix components together, and then make the matrix adhesives reinforced material and powder material together by hot-pressing process, constitute a new materials with special performance.

In the production of friction material, it is a more complicated process to mixture and press. The formulation design needs to focus on the technological factors, mainly materials mixing and pressing molding. As to mixing process, the pressure plastics mainly involve mixing uniformity and dispersibility, compression ratio and fluidity. Whether the pressure plastic can be mixed evenly and whether it has good dispensability is mainly because of the rationality of the formulation design and the mixing ability of the selected equipment.

For example, some asbestos fibers have poor dispersion, which can be easily formed when mixed, and affects the performance of forming and car brake pads. The brake pads manufacturers need to choose the appropriate technology and equipment. The formulation design collocation is not reasonable, the fluidity of pressure plastic is very poor, and it is difficult to make brake block press molding.

Car brake pad is one of the most critical safety parts in automobile use, which plays a decisive role in the braking effect. Inferior brake pads can cause safety hazards and even cause traffic accidents.

As car brake pads manufacturer, Nasi has an independent laboratory to study the formulation of brake pads. The company owns the advanced research and development center of friction materials, with first-class R&D group and excellent production equipment. Now the company has formed the three environmental protection formula system made by semi-metal, less metal and ceramics. The excellent performance of the brake pads products satisfy the different models, the speed, load, and the need of road conditions, such as China, the United States, Japan, South Korea cars provide auto parts, products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East and other regions.



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