What is the best material for brake pads?

What is the best material for brake pads?

What is the best material for brake pads?

Brake pads are an important safety component in the car. Many experienced drivers will pay great attention to the maintenance of the car’s brake pads. It is divided into material from: metal brake pads, semi-metallic brake pads, ceramic brake pads, NAO brake pads ,asbestos brake pads and so on.


When you replace the brake pads, what material will you choose to replace?

The best material is the composition of the car model, the frequency of use of the car, and the driver’s performance on the brakes, the feeling of stepping on the brake pedal, the noise, and the service life. In short: No single friction material formula is the best for all models.

According to reliable research, the customer believes that the following aspects are the most important:

1.Brake force

2.A good stampede

3.No noise

4.No vibration when braking

5.Wear resistance

In order to meet the above requirements, brake pad suppliers have developed a variety of friction material formulations: ceramic brake pads, low-metal brake pads, semi-metal brake pads, and NAO brake pads.

When using ceramic brake pads, the brakes will be more stable because of its lower friction coefficient than the semi-metal. At the same time, the noise of the ceramic formula is relatively small, so the brakes are relatively quiet and have less damage to the brake discs.

In addition, the ceramic formula produces less dust during braking, and the color is very light gray, barely visible on the wheel. Unlike some non-asbestos and non-metal formulas, black dust is generated behind the wheels when braking.

It is estimated that 40% of the new cars sold in North America are ceramic brake pads.

Although ceramic brake pads have so many advantages, they are still not suitable for heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks used for hauling and lifting goods. Such trucks use better brake pads with semi-metal formulas.

In short, consult with the brake pad supplier to select the relevant products, if the original accessories used in the car are ceramic, then similar ceramic brake pads replacement is also required. If the original parts used in the car are ceramic, please do not use semi-metal formula replacement. Because it will increase noise and brake disc wear.

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