NASI Story

Janet, the founder of NASI, a girl who likes business and began  her own company when she was at university.
“I like business rather than making money, because it can bring me a lot of happiness”, said Janet.
As Janet’s a bachelor and majors  international trade and she can’t find an ideal job after graduation. At the same time, Janet’s brother has a small plant in Hebei province which manufactures brake pads for Japanese, American and Germany autos. So she registered a company with her brother to export brake pads.
In the beginning, she just think it’s a job and never think that she would fall in love with this business.
In 2005, as soon as Janet and her brother’s company began to operate, there were a pretty many orders, and many customers placed the orders right away after asking the price. Firstly Janet thought that it depended on her sales ability, but the fact is that the low price is the only one reason that she didn’t know at that time. Then she came to understand that Hebei is a price oriented market, and plant can manufacture brake pads according to customer’s intentional price but sacrifice quality. In the next half of the year, customers ‘complaints about the products’quality came in a continuous stream. She felt remorse but her brother insisted accepting low prices orders. When they had to face to quality problem, refund problem and a firm determination emerged in her mind:she must have her own plant.
In 2016, Janet and her several friends who are working in automobile industry as technical and quality personnel bought a plant in North of China together, however, this plant is different from Hebei’s plants, it was established in 1996 and has been manufactured brake pads for 22 years, quality here is good but it lacks sales channels. So Janet decided to develop the market with these high quality products in reasonable prices.
In 2017, this plant manufactured $30 million worth of brake pads and all the customers became repeat customers.
Invite customer to visit her plant and check the quality on site.
Send samples to customers and they can pay the balance after they approve this sample.
Inform customer in advance if the delivery would be delayed.
This is the right way, Janet believes, to establish long-term cooperative relations with every customer.
Now, everything looks good in NASI:
NASI has Marketing Department, Sales Department, After Service Department etc. All these departments have one target, providing customers with better services.
NASI has two brands and have already developed agencies in many countries.
NASI signed long-term contracts with many customers.
Even so, Janet will never forget all the hardships of walking and her initial determination, adhering to the “service first” business philosophy, and become not only trusted friends but also reciprocal and mutually benefici partners with every customer.
Thank you!

Recruitment Agents

  • NASI AUTO PARTS is a rapidly growing factory in China. We
    are committed to producing high quality products.
  • Senior engineer from South Korea.
  • We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with
    many large group companies around the world.
  • Cooperate with us and grow rapidly.