Driving to the world

Yes, NASI’s goal is driving to the world!
NASI is a professional company which is dedicated to manufacturing brake pad with the love and interests of auto industry, and this is the most important motivation of NASI rather than making money. We are not famous yet, but we have a professional team which focuses on the research of the friction materials’ formula to adapt to different market demand in each country. We hope that our products can serve people from all over the world well and this is what driving to the world  means.
Maybe you think we are exaggerating, but let’s explain to you the truth that we are always working hard:
1 .We have a brilliant R&D team
We never get the formula from others, all brake pad formulas are developed by our R&D team, all the materials are well-chosen,and before being put into production, we will do a series of tests to brake pad samples to ensure the high performance and quality.
2 .We value advanced equipments
We value the equipments’update, from brake pad production to packaging, all the equipments are automatic: shot blasting machine, mixer machine, 200T suppressing machine, professional assembly line, coding, blister, all the equipments are for one thing: manufacturing brake pads which are likable like a baby.
3 .We can solve the most difficult problem in China now-delivery date
Today, the environmental problems being more and more serious, we invest a lot of money to purchase original materials of brake pad as inventory, so we can start producing as soon as possible when we get brake pad orders and fulfill orders rapidly to save customers’ time and funds.
4 .We have reasonable prices
We know the fierce competition in the brake pad market, and customers can’t afford high prices. Even though, we don’t compete on price, and we insist on high quality and when customers accept our delivery with stable performance they will think our prices are reasonable. In the beginning, maybe it’s hard to get customers, but we believe that our products are worth the prices and that won’t make our customers disappointed. And of course we will never ask a high price with low quality for high profits because our prices must be based on market and quality.
5 .Honesty is our principle
We are committed to working with customers to establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation, we are motivated to work in the time of resolving any ongoing problems, we will never try to evade problems and deceive customers, we are sincere to win customers’recognition because we believe that this is the only way to achieve our goal.
We know we are not the best now, but we believe that we are driving to the world! Please remember NASI AUTO PARTS, we are not for short-term financial interests, we want to be stronger together with our customers!

Win-win world

We are the brake pads factory for many years, have the most mature brake pads formula and satisfying different market demands. We insisting on using integrated industry chain optimization to enhance core competitiveness so that we can win-win world with cooperators.

Recruitment Agents

  • NASI AUTO PARTS is a rapidly growing factory in China. We
    are committed to producing high quality products.
  • Senior engineer from South Korea.
  • We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with
    many large group companies around the world.
  • Cooperate with us and grow rapidly.


We are a factory that specializes in the production of brake pads, we can produce more than 2000 kinds of brake pads, with an annual capacity of 10 million sets, and have the ability to develop formulations independently. Our products have been certified by ISO/TS16949:9001, widely sold nationwide and abroad. Nowadays, agents are distributed around the world, mainly in the United States, North America, South America, Russia and so on.

NASI ceramic brake pad is produced and sold through independent research and development. Its main performance is high temperature stable friction coefficient, smooth braking, no noise, no dust, long life, environmental protection, etc.

We believe that women can do everything men can do.

From personal business to a company made up of few girls,

From purchasing products and corporating with manufactures to now building factories with copartners,

From knowing nothing about car brake pads to becoming pretty familiar with semi-metallic brake pads, ceramic brake pads and friction formula, we made them all.

Meanwhile, we got more and more recognition from clients.

This is Nasi Auto Parts, not only an auto parts manufacturer, but also a brand full with love.

Our goal is to establish long-term and stable relationships with more customers, no matter which country you come, we will become friends first. we sincerely welcome friends to visit our factory in China and willing to shake hands with our win-win cooperation from now on!

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