In recent years, with the increase of household income and the development of economy, whether we are walking in a crowded city or country road, the car is always inseparable from our life. As a driver, you should accumulate more ways to maintain your car, and make your car useful time longer and reduce maintenance costs. But it is a profound knowledge to maintain a car, there will be a large deviation if you do not pay much attention. In particular, the brakes system of the car is concerned with the safety of the driver and passengers, You need to know when to change brake pads?

Brake pads are the most important safety components in the brake system. It is known as the car’s protector. Many drivers are used to replacing the brake pads themselves, which is more convenient and cheaper than switching to the 4s shop.

So when do we need to change the brake pads?

If you could hear some voice when you brake gently, the brake pads are advised to be replaced immediately. Because it means that the limit marks on both sides of the brake pads have been directly rubbed into the wheel, the brake pads have exceeded its limit. Encountered such a situation, you need to check with the brake disc besides replacing brake pads, this kind of voice often shows that brake disc have been damaged. If the noise cannot be eliminated even after replacing new brake pads, you need to replace the brake disc.

After the replacement of the new brake pads, brake may not be satisfied. The reasons behind this problem are as follows: brake pad installation does not conform to standard, the brake disc surface of pollution without cleaning, brake line fault or the brake fluid deficiencies, brake hydraulic pressure in cylinder and exhaust is not complete, brake disc excessive wear and the surface is not smooth, and quality of the brake pad is not qualified.

It’s important to know when to change brake pads. NASI remind customers that you must choose the manufacturer of brake pads with guaranteed quality, and choose the brake pads that are most suitable for your car.