Many drivers noticed that sometimes the car body will shake with a sharp metal noise when brake the car, which causing great concern. After all, as an important part of car, it is dangerous when braking system meet failure of the brakes. NASI reminds drivers to go to the car repair shop in time to maintain the car.

When we drive a car and put on the brakes at sudden situation, we often hear violent brake noise. So what is the reason behind this problem? There are many factors that make noise when braking, which are also related to brake pads, brake pads and other related accessories. The noise during braking is mainly caused by the resonance or mutual interference of the relevant parts of the suspension system. Of course this is just one of all the reasons, it is possible that the automobile brake pad material use undeserved, the hardness of brake pads, porosity, friction and compression properties is unqualified, brake pads and discs be affected with damp be affected with damp rust after wading, wire quality of brake pads formula, even the brake pads wear to a certain degree of automatic alarm, and the brake pads installed properly, scraping plate and a series of reasons caused by noise.

So, why does it cause dithering? There are many reasons for the jitter in automobile braking, which should be analyzed according to the specific situation to make reasonable judgment and choose the appropriate solution. Brake shake is often caused by deformation of the brake pads and brake discs, the brake pads and discs material, machining accuracy and the use of thermal deformation, the main reason is the uneven thickness of brake disc, brake drum poor roundness and uneven wear of brake pads, and the thermal deformation and hot spots, etc. In addition, the deformation or improper installation of brake caliper, and the friction coefficient of brake pads can also cause unstable brake shake. Furthermore, if the vibration frequency and suspension system generated by brake pads are resonant with the suspension system, jitter will also occur.

Car might not just a vehicle to us, taking us from point A to point B, make daily travel easily and convenient. It also related to our life safety, the safety problem of the car must be paid serious attention.