Nowadays, most people focus on the design, performance and luxury configuration of vehicles while few people care about the braking performance of vehicles. As the unsung hero in the brake parts, auto brake pads are self-sacrificing hero, transforming kinetic energy into heat energy, and devotes itself to slow down the speed and protect the vehicle.


Auto brake pads are the most frequently used parts in the entire braking system, so we can say that the braking effect depends on its state. The price of brake pads in the market range from ten RMB to hundreds, and all sellers emphasize the OEM in the sale. Besides the price difference, the sellers are also aware of the difference in quality. Two auto brake pads can be totally identical in size and shape, but their prices are three times different. So, you got what you pay for, price is the standard to judge product quality, if the price was unreasonable lower than market price, it must be inferior product.


Think about why some products are low in price and low in sales while some products are high in price and high in sales. As a professional brake pad manufacturer, Nasi tell you the reason.


Auto brake pads need to be done in two parts: first, strict production process. Second, good recipe, rely on research and development to select the good recipe carefully.


The working principle of the brake is mainly from the friction, use the friction between brake pads and disc and tire and ground, to convert the kinetic energy of vehicle to friction heat, and then stop the car. A set of efficient braking system must be able to provide a stable, enough, controllable braking force, and has good hydraulic transmission and heat dissipation potential, to ensure that the driver from the brake pedal force applied by the fully effective to total pump and the pump, and the failure and avoid high fever caused by the hydraulic braking recession.


Although it seems like a simple principle, the production of the brake disc still requires exquisite design techniques and a reliable manufacturing process. Back in the 1950s, some of the leading brake pads manufacturer began to use “disc brakes”, gradually replacing the old “drum brakes” in the later stages. The brake pads of the earliest disc brakes were made of asbestos composites, which are not only cheap, but also quiet when braking, and have good heat dissipation potential, which was widely used at the time. However, people gradually realized that the dust produced by asbestos brake pads could lead to lung cancer, and then gradually eliminated the brake pads made by this material.


Finally, we remind the owners that the auto brake pads are “unsung heroes” to ensure the safety of the car’s braking. The regular inspection and replacement of brake pads and discs are the basis for the safety of driving. Do not buy cheap brake accessories to save money, it is better to select the OEM parts of the original factory for maintenance. If you want to upgrade your braking system, please consult qualified agencies and businesses to avoid damage to your vehicle.