What is the most easily overlooked part of a car? Yes, the brakes. It is also very dangerous that the car cannot brake at a critical moment even if it has cool appearance. What is the core part of the brake? Yes, brake pads. Car brake pad is an important consumable of the car. However, do you really understand these small brake pads? Do you know the harm of inferior brake pads?


Today we will talk about how to choose brake pads and avoid purchasing products with inferior quality.

  1. Look at product packaging. The brake pads are produced by the regular manufacturers, whose packaging has clear printing with the license number, the specified friction coefficient and the execution standard, etc. So check to see if the package is in good condition and whether the package is simple, incomplete or not before making a choice. In addition, manufacturers are strict in thickness of the disc brake pads or drum brake pads, the drivers can measure themselves.
  2. Observe the appearance of brake pads. The friction material of high quality brake pad is good, and the appearance looks beautiful with smooth tactile feeling and work well, which would not drop paint easily.
  3. Check the brake pads friction coefficient. Brake pad friction coefficient will affect the braking performance whether it is too high or too low, when the friction coefficient is too low, the brake is not sensitive particularly in high speed driving,.
  4. Service life.Usually the brake pad manufacturers can guarantee the service life of 30,000 kilometers,and the brake pads price is moderate.
  5. Select the famous brand. Brand brake sales good, popularity and user response are better, and provide perfect after – sales service. When choosing car brake pads, the above factors should be taken into consideration.

Brake pads are consumable; so you must raise a habit of checking the car by yourself. Check it once in a while to make sure driving safety.