To be precise, many noises that we hear are braking system noises, but it is customary to consider brake noise . In particular, dealers encounter the situation that there is no noise before replacing it, but there is noise after replacing it. And it seems to be able to identify the problem from the brake pad, but in fact, it’s not so simple.

It is very complicated to be generated for the noise of the brake system. The factors including suspension, brake disc, brake assembly and brake pad may be noise sources. It’s only customary for everyone to think that the rest is not replaced, so there will be noise after replacing the brake pad.

There are two main reasons for the noise of individual brake pads: one is frequency resonance; the other is the furrow effect of friction material and disc friction.

So how can we reduce the generating probability of noise? We know the cause of the noise generation,and try as far as possible to reduce resonance, optimize the furrow effect and the assembly environment.

NABRESI brand franchisee asked me if we should send several sets of noisy brake pads to the company and find out the reasons of the noise. I answered that there is no value,because the noise brake pad generates is in a fixed small environment made up by Suspension, brake disc, brake assembly, brake pad and other factors. The brakes make noise on the car, but after being taken down and being replaced to another car, it may make no noise at all, because the small environment has been changed.Maybe because there is no resonance or something else, the noise disappeared.

In order to obtain ideal data, scientists will choose an ideal environment when doing experiments, which is the same for assembling the brakes for the car’s original car.

The automobile factory will provide the assembly parts of the original vehicle assembly, such as disc, brake caliper and sheep horn. In this established small environment, we will develop matching formulations. The low noise probability achieved in this environment and in actual loading. This is the process of the R & D of the original brake pad formula. Therefore, That’s why the brake pad doesn’t have the noise after being installed.